A town of history, beauty & Bob Marley

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.58.16 amOne of the best things about travelling is meeting people. A friend I made at a hostel in Koh Tao recommended visiting a place I had never heard of, and knew nothing about. The small (ish) town is called Kanchanaburri. It is about 2 hours out of Bangkok, and home to the River Kwai, Death Railway and associated history.


Now for those of you, who like me at this point, aren’t familiar with this – Kanchanaburi marks the place where during WW II (1942, for those avid historians) prisoners of war and asian slave labourers were forced by the Japanese, to build the “Death Railway” to Burma, (as seen in the films “Bridge On The River Kwai,” and the recent Collin Firth blockbuster, “Railway man”). Now before you stop reading because you’re “not in the mood for,” or “don’t really like” history, I’ll have you know that Kanchanaburi has a lot else to offer, and was one of the funnest and most authentic of my thai experiences.


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Choosing an island in Thailand

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.02.31 amChoosing an island to visit in Thailand can be somewhat challenging, given the number of choices you have. Obviously it is dependant on what you want your experience to be; full moon parties, resorts, diving/snorkelling, nature walks – you name it, there is an island catering for your needs. Yet I will choose this time to rave about one island in particular – Koh Tao. 

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Southern Thailand in 10 days

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.11.26 amAfter being home in Adelaide for a few days, I was ready to pack up my small amount of essential belongings (the number of belongings deteriorating due to selling everything on ebay for travel funds), and venture out again, this time, to Thailand. After sitting a few tests and submitting a few assignments for uni, I found myself jet setting off on the cheapest Air Asia flight imaginable, eating only my pre packed nuts to sustain me until I arrived (no food supplied on the plane obviously).  I was to spend a mere 10 days backpacking around the south of Thailand. “But Nikki how are you meant to see another country and truly experience their culture in only 10 days?” you may ask. Well, this is where careful planning, meeting people with better plans, and then throwing your shitty plans out of the window, comes in.

Now as a person who has never been to an Asian country before (Airports and day trips excluded), getting off the plane at 10pm in Phuket was a bit of a shock to the system. We were dropped on Bangla road at “Kool backpacker hostel,” where we had pre booked 1 night simply out of the hilarity of the hostel name. It was here that the tsunami of thai people attempting to sell me crappy merchandise and tickets to ping pong shows, hit. I fumbled my way through the sea of drunken tourists and majestic lady boys, offering a “so sorry not today” or a “I really am quite sorry but I must go” to these people, before my well travelled backpacking bud taught me how to ignore them; just walk past, perhaps say “No” once, but simply continue on your way.

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An eyeful of London

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.59.46 amOkay so after spending a few weeks in London during the summer, my overall conclusion would be that for those seeking a gentle holiday where they can rest and read a book – London is perhaps not the place. I think a nice way to describe London, and in particular, the tube station at Oxford Circus, is by imagining many many mosquitoes, and a very bright light. But seeing as I was doing the whole “small town girl goes to big city” cliche, I found it almost overwhelmingly exhilarating. My London experience (including making abnormal amounts of friends on the night bus home after a night out in Shoreditch, watching adults partake in a hula hooping class in East London and discovering the most magnificent organic dairy free caramel popcorn at Broadway markets), was superb.

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