Some travel experiences that I am not so proud of..

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.27.13 amAn expensive addiction: Switzerland (obviously): Switzerland has a raging economy. And I have a raging addiction to caffeine, especially in the form of diet coke. It was a desperate a situation, my withdrawals were at a peak. There was only one place to buy diet coke, it was priced at a shocking 10 Australian dollars, it’s not something that I am not proud of… But yes, I paid $10 for 150mL of diet coke.

 Two tuk tuks and 500 metres later: Thailand: This was not intentional I swear. We were trying to make the simple journey to the bus station. It took two separate tuk tuk rides and 300h Baht, for us to finally arrive at the bus station. Turns out it was ONE STREET OVER from our hostel. Word of advice, google maps is a better friend than tuk tuk drivers.


 Just testing the security: South Africa: It was the simple task of getting onto one of Cape Towns most beautiful beaches – that you are technically supposed to pay for.. After a quick rock climb and a bit of fence jumping, we were in. I must say, we had a marvellous time on the beach. My moment of shame came when it was time to leave… During what we thought was a stealthy get away, previously encountered beach security guards noticed us, and the chase began. We jumped over broken wired fences, through thorn bushes and over unpredictable rocky terrains, to finally reach home. I later came to the conclusion that paying the 25Rand may have been easier…


 Making New Travel Friends: Somewhere over turkeyThis unfortunate event occurred on an airbus A320. I was exhausted (evidently) and had a whopping cold, so mouth breathing and sleep drooling were on full blast. All I know is that I had just finished watching “Bend It Like Beckham”, when I drifted off to nothing but visions of chiseled calves belonging to Jonathon Rhys Meyers. I woke to the movement of his shoulder in time with his breathing. No, not Jonathon Rhys Meyers (unfortunately) – but the pompous looking, eyebrow-less man seated next to me. My head was flopped on his shoulder and my body slouched against his – it couldn’t have been worse. I could smell the remnants of what Malaysian Airlines called ‘macaroni cheese’ on his breathe. After springing back into my designated seated, I looked at my watch. Bless him – the poor sod has left me there for over an hour. Drool and all.

 Over-indulging: Fiji: The pineapple in Fiji is absurd – it truly is gods gift to humanity. So yes, perhaps I had a bit too much. And lets just say my stomach acid could not handle it. In other words – I stuffed my face with pineapple until I hurled.

 Cutlery vs Carrots: The Netherlands: So I was cycling around the Netherlands with my good friend Tom (The Travelling Hobo), camping around the country, and living on a diet of peanut butter and rice crackers. It was a combination of broken plastic cutlery and limited funds, that drove us to spread our glorious peanut butter with, yes, a carrot. It was after noticing peanut butter absolutely everywhere (tent, sleeping bag, bikes and backpacks) that I decided knives were probably a preferable option but we can’t all afford such luxuries. Still bloody delicious though.


 Slightly lost: The Netherlands: Whether it was a once-off unfortunate encounter with the language barrier or just plain stupidity, I will never know. After deciding that my travel buddy’s sickness needed be seen by a doctor, we cycled to the nearest town in search of a hospital. With the help of google, google translator and some Amersfoort locals, we were led to what appeared to be some form of medical facility. The two of us walked through the front doors, passed a room of bingo-playing karaoke enthusiasts, and approached reception, requesting to see a doctor. The woman stared at us blankly for some time, before the giggling commenced. You see, we had landed ourselves in an old folks home. Trying to make the most of an awkward situation; we had a chuckle (her more than us), took a seat in the foyer, and enjoyed their speedy wifi whilst soaking up the sounds of dutch senior karaoke.

 Drinking alcohol from ‘buckets’: Thailand: This is a terrible idea. Just don’t do it.


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