Wannabe Nomad

So essentially everything I write on here may just be a method of contacting my gran or dodgy friend Briony, who may be my only readers. Nevertheless, my constantly wandering mind has managed to fill my head with many thoughts and ideas mostly related to travel and exploration – thus this blog was born.
I was born in the UK to South African parents, who then moved back when to South Africa in my early years, before changing their mind again, and moving to Australia when I was aged 8. Compared to many of the worlds population, this in itself is classified as being well traveled. But I never seemed to shrug the feeling that there was more for me outside of little Adelaide. I was sick and tired of social hierarchies and predictable schedules – I was restless and craving more.
The things I love about travel are obviously seeing new places and having new experiences, but for me, I crave the unpredictability, independence and freedom that travel gives you. I love meeting people and hearing their stories, pushing myself far out of my comfort zone (a place where I have spent way too many of my comfortable years), and exploring places that are not crawling with tourists and photographers.
P1000833 2
So I suppose this may be a place where I take years worth of daydreams, make them reality and then write about it?
Not quite sure at the moment – we will see. Xxx

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